Kik?????? Coracoraleelee

I just downloaded this stupid thing to talk to a (formerly) nice character. But then I found out he was an extreme homophobe.. Ew.

SOOOOOOO if you have kik and would like to chat, message me at coracoraleelee!

I’m not boring I can promise you that. :)

Please message me

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It’s like 3 am and I just spent over 60 bucks on eBay.

What the fuck

I have a problem. Fuck you debit/credit TD

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Further studies in fluid dynamics. 

It is amazing to me how nature’s most agile and biologically perfect hunters are also the laziest pieces of shit in the animal kingdom

peach fuzz pt. 2


 A birth defect in which the infant’s intestines stick out of the body through a defect on one side of the umbilical cord.
At the hospital (again)…

Fuck the IUD. It’s lost in my fricken uterus, and they said I might have a ruptured uterine cyst.


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found this on the beach today…

This is my favorite everything